Exklusive Kutschfahrten

Exklusive Kutschfahrten

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Claudia L talks about the Castle and Fortress Tours with Fuhrhalterei Döring

Dear Conny, Dear Görtz
I would like to thank you for the wonderful time. Everything simply fit into place. A lovely carriage, nice hosts, enchanted castles that appear out of the mist, lonely forest paths, secret magical places… All in all a successful carriage tour through north hessen. One follows and explores the fairytale path of the Brother's Grimm.


Kristina H. talks about the castle und fort tours with Fuhrhalterei Döring

Once upon a time we presented our mother with a carriage tour into the land of the Brothers Grimm for her birthday. To this day this remains an unforgettable experience for us. Since we were born in Kassel and my mother spent her student days in Marburg, we were especially happy about your fairytale coachtour through the Land der sieben Berge (Land of the seven mountains, where one always suspects to find the seven dwarfs). Truth be told, this tour exceeded our expectations: to travel through the lands like the Grimm Brothers did in their time und to perceive everything so intensely like one would never have been able to by car. Already at the reception, the costume of the caslte guide and the music of the balladeers made one feel like one was in a fairy tale. When we were in the middle of the forest, where one suspects witches and dwarfs dwell about, a beautifully covered and decorated table with servants and all sorts of tastsy dishes suddenly appeared and we found ourselves completely taken back in time to the 18th century. And who, as a child, had not dreamt of living in a castle, just like the good-hearted and righteous did in the Grimm fairytales? This we were allowed and in addition to this, we were made to feel like lords of the castle, since we were the only guests. In the evenings we dined together with the coachman and then went to bed, luckily without having wickedness or spookiness come down upon us. No gold-ass spat at us, no one turned us into crows, and the next morning we mounted our grand carriage and set off for the next castle fortress. Indeed, if this story had not really been true, one would think that it was a fairytale... Our mother died last year and we will treasure this last group trip and hold it dear in our memories and for that we thank you!